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Get Involved

We are always looking for members to help provide our youth the best playing experience possible, see how you can help below:



Interested in being head or assistant coach? For more information, contact:


Website/Social Media Admin

If your time is limited, but you have the skills to administrate the website and/or social media accounts, please contact:


Team Administrator

Looking to help out a team, without having to be a coach?  Team administrators help manage the roster, schedule and team communications.  For more information, contact:


Festival Coordinator

FUSC aims to host a season-end U11 festival at Hunter Road each year.  This a significant task, made much easier by many volunteers, particularly the U11 parents.  To see how you can help, contact:


Board Member

Board members typically turnover every 2-3 years.  To ensure smooth transitions, we look for parents of younger players to engage early.  For more information, contact:



Youth sports are all lacking referees, soccer is no different.  If you or if you have child, age 14 or older, are interested in becoming a ref, please contact:

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