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We ask that players have at least two years of playing experience prior to joining FUSC.  We strive to fill the gap between Rec and Premier soccer.  If you are new to soccer, or organized in general, we would recommend trying out a Rec program first. 

Code of Conduct

  • I will encourage good sportsmanship from fellow players, coaches, and officials.

  • I will do the best I can each day, remembering that all players have talents and weaknesses the same that I do.

  • I will treat my coaches, opponents, and officials with respect.

  • I will play by the rules.

  • I will not distract teammates at practice and during games as we are all there to learn the game of soccer and have fun.

  • I will control my temper, resisting the temptation to retaliate, and ask for a sub if I need a moment to collect myself.

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